About Us

We breed excellent, quality puppies.  This appeals to our clients, who want the best of this breed for companionship, temperament, conformation, pedigree not to mention no known health defects.  Our puppies are handled daily learning the “respect” that each one should show their new owners.  Their minds are exceptional along with their color and conformation. Most of our pups are show quality as well. We raise our puppies from birth inside our home so that they are socialized on a daily basis by adults and kids. We also have other pets that our puppies interact with, so when our puppies reach their new homes, they know how to interact with kids, adults, and other animals. We take great pride in the quality of our puppies and adult dogs, our sire and dam both rank in the 95% in the nation for the breed for their hips, this is proven by pennhip test by a veterinarian. Thank you for showing interest in our dogs and look forward to helping you find your next great companion.

About The Breed

The Bull Mastiff is a breed that originated in England in the mid 1800’s. Approximately 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. They were called the gamekeeper’s night dog. The known history of the Bullmastiff begins about 1860 in England.

Bred to guard against poachers who threatened gameland in England; the Mastiff was not aggressive or fast enough, and the Bulldog was a little too ferocious and small; however, the resulting cross of Mastiff Bulldog was the Bullmastiff, great for throwing and holding poachers without mauling them.

The Bullmastiff has been with the AKC since 1933.
A mature adult male Bullmastiff will average 26 inches and 120 pounds.
The primary use of Bullmastiffs now is as a firm, dependable and warm family dog.

Bullmastiffs are often described as: Fearless and confident yet docile. The dog combines the reliability, intelligence, and willingness to please required in a dependable family companion and protecto

Our Parents



Rampage is a pure bread bullmastiff that is akc registered and his birthday is January 25th 2015, he weighs 120 lbs with a nice black mask and is built like a brick house. Rampage aslo has a really sweet dimeaner but also can be the protector of his people when he feels the need to. Rampage is very playfull and great with kids, dogs, and cats.Rampage has been Pen Hip tested and scored in the 96% in the nation for the bullmastiff breed. Rampage is very healthy and has great hips and has produced top of the line pure bread bullmastiff puppies.



Meela is a pure bred bull mastiff that is akc registered.  Her birthday is May 16th, 2014, she is 110 lbs with a very black distinct mask. Meela is brindle in color and has a really sweet dimeaner. She loves to please her human companions and eager to learn from them.  Meela is excellent with kids, cats, and other dogs and is very playful. Meela has been Pen Hip tested and scored in the 95% in the nation for the bullmastiff breed. Meela is very heathy and has great hips and has produced top of the line pure bread bullmastiff puppies.


I can’t thank the Ban’s enough for making the process of purchasing our puppy a wonderful experience. It was love at first sight when I saw “Bozz” aka “Jager” online. I knew I had to have him. The Ban’s responded to my initial inquiry right away, sent me pictures that I requested, answered all of my questions, and explained the process of having him flown down to New Orleans. Once I sent in my deposit, the Ban’s sent me pictures of he and his siblings every couple of days which was very reassuring. Our Jager is so handsome and he has a great disposition. He “wows” people wherever we go, due to his size and good looks. He loves kids and his 5 lb Yorkie mix brother. We love our Jager like a child and it makes me happy to know that he has been loved from the day he was born!


My husband and I bought a Bullmastiff puppy from Zeth and Tawni Ban March 2016.  We had a wonderful experience through the process and soon realized that they were very committed to the breed and to making sure their puppies went to very good homes.  Magnus has been an awesome addition to the family with a great temperament and wonderful personality.  He is wonderful with our two small children and fits our family to a T.  We could not imagine having any other dog.  We would definitely recommend Zeth and Tawni and would go through them again in the future!!

Stormy and Brian Hoiness

As third time Bullmastiff owners we wanted to make sure we found a good addition to our family, including two year old Bullmastiff Kash. We knew we wanted another Bullmastiff and spoke to several breeders around the U.S. After connecting with Zeth and Tawni online, on social media and telephone, we felt confident in choosing them as our breeder. They answered all our questions and are very knowledgeable and compassionate about the breed, just as we are. Their communication was great including pictures and videos of the puppy we chose and they made us feel comfortable with our puppy’s delivery/flight plans. Karlton is now nine months old and has the best temperament we have seen in a Bullmastiff. Even though he is a bed hog and snores loud, we still couldn’t be happier! He has been easy to train and gets along very well with people and other animals. Karlton is a very friendly puppy and such a great companion and is often called “the greeter” at the dog park. We still have great communication with Zeth and Tawni, and they have been available to us for any questions, advice, or just to share stories with. If you are looking for a Bullmastiff puppy from great people, I would definitely recommend Bans Bullies.

Scott and Natalie

November 2014 we lost our 11 1/2 year old Bullmastiff. This began our 15 month search for the next bullmastiff we were so carefully searching for to fill the gap of losing our most precious love. My fiance spoke to countless breeders at length, and it wasn’t until he came across Bans Bullies that he finally said “I think we found him.”  We spoke to the breeder Zeth and felt an immediate connection. Zeth is passionate about the puppies he breeds, is always in constant contact and is a family breeder. All of our many ongoing questions and concerns were addressed with patience, and it was clear Zeth was equally as concerned as to whom he may be providing his puppies to. Bruno, our new baby came from quality bloodlines, has a wonderful disposition, is great with children, elderly, and other animals. Throughout this process which is now 10 months later, we have not only fell so in love with our baby, but have created a continued friendship with the Ban family whom is located halfway across the country from us. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience and will continue to grow our mastiff family with Bans Bullies.


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